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Cangzhou Hongyun Steel Pipe Co., Ltd
Cangzhou Hongyun Steel Pipe Co., Ltd
Brand name
Main products Seamless steel pipe,spiral steel pipe,straight seam ,alloy steelpipe,anti-corrosion
Annual sales USD 20,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2012-07-09
Number of employees 690 Persons
Number of R&D staff 20 Persons
Number of quality inspectors Persons
Area of factory 350000 ㎡
Brief Introduction
Cangzhou macro transport steel pipe co., LTD. Is specialized in steel pipe, pipe fittings production, sale, export as one of professional enterprises. The company is located in "China pipeline equipment manufacturing industry base" hebei cangzhou. The company has advanced process equipment, detection means complete, equipped with advanced detection equipment, X-ray flaw detection, ultrasonic testing, hydrostatic pressure testing machine, physical and chemical laboratory and a complete measurement system, so as to ensure the production and inspection of products conform to the requirements of the standards, to meet customer demand.
Our company main products are: seamless steel pipe (hot rolled, cold drawn); Spiral steel pipe; Straight seam steel pipe; Thermal expansion pipe; Large diameter thick wall steel pipe; Alloy steel pipe. Company's existing seamless punch (diesel) seamless steel tube production line, the United States Lincoln double-sided submerged arc welding of spiral steel pipe production line, the high frequency straight seam steel pipe production line, the high frequency drive system in the machine heat expansion of steel pipe production line, can produce seamless steel pipe: 20 mm - 910 mm wall thickness of 2.0 mm diameter - 26 mm 100000 tons; Double sided spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe, diameter 219 mm to 3600 mm wall thickness of 6.0 mm to 30 mm 400000 tons; Straight seam resistance welding steel pipe (ERW) : diameter of 21.3 mm to 457.2 mm wall thickness of 1.8 mm to 14.27 mm and straight seam double-sided submerged arc welding pipe: 6 mm diameter 310 mm to 3200 mm wall thickness to 60 mm10 ten thousand tons; Thermal expansion of seamless steel pipe: 245 mm - 920 - mm wall thickness of 6.0 mm diameter - 34 mm 60000 tons; Large diameter thick wall steel pipe: 26 mm diameter 351 mm to 3600 mm wall thickness - 80 - mm 100000 tons; And perennial inventory of several major domestic steel mills of the alloy steel pipe 50000 tons. Seamless steel pipe standards: GB/T8162 8163 3087 5310 6479 9948 3087. Spiral steel pipe standards: GB/T9711.1 9711.2 SY/T5037 5040 APTSPEC 5 l. Straight seam steel pipe standards: GB/T3091 APISpec5L 9711 9711. Thermal expansion pipe standards: GB/T8162 8163 8163. Large diameter thick wall steel pipe standards: GB/T3091, 3092, 14980, 13793. Alloy steel pipe standards: GB3087, 5310, 6479, 9948 SY/T6194 API5CT API5L API5B ASTM53M ASTMA106 ASTMA213/213 m DIN17175.
According to customer requirements, the company can undertake steel tube of the single and double fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder, double polyethylene (PE) and three layers of polyethylene (PE), double polypropylene (pp) and polypropylene (pp), three layer of epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion coating pipeline anticorrosion engineering and IPN8710 polymer anticorrosive coatings, cement mortar pipe wall corrosion pipe internal coating such as a variety of anti-corrosion pipeline anticorrosion engineering structure, implement DIN30670 30671, SY/T4013 0315 standards, are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, water, isometric pipeline and petrochemical enterprises, urban central heating pipe network, gas pipeline engineering, the product has high strength, high pressure, easy installation, low cost, long service life, and many other advantages, well received by users.
Company relies on abundant technical strength, advanced management experience, excellent sales services, strict quality management system and scientific overall marketing with you hand in hand, common development. The company take "the true life, integrity work" as the principle, with the best quality, lowest price, the most perfect after-sales service, to acknowledge the new and old customers, we sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperation relationship with you, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation!
Brief Introduction
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